CS11: My notes

TfL is still dithering on whether to go ahead and reduce rat-running in Regent’s Park by closing some of the gates to motor traffic some of the time.

Sadiq Khan is on the record a number of times of saying he will “learn the lessons from earlier schemes” – which seems to delay and delay whilst he tries to figure out how to please everyone.

The face of the opposition to CS11 is “two swimming pools” Jessica Learmond-Criqui. (Articles about the swimming pools issue e.g. here, here  and here tend to give her the name of her husband – i.e. Jessica Stokel). Every anti-CS11 stunt, such as claiming in the The Stage that the eldery won’t be able to go to the theatre because bus route 13 will now stop at Victoria rather than Aldwych to dressing up school children in surgeons’ masks to rage against polluting effects of cycle lanes has been organised by this one person.

Should TfL really be held to ransom by the noisy antics of a single well-connected and well-funded NIMBY?

[Some pro-CS11 folk claim in comments to various news articles that Ms Learmond-Criqui herself drives around the “narrow streets” of Hampstead in a Range Rover or similar “Chelsea Tractor”. I have seen no evidence of this.]