Strava and Apple Health bugs

TLDR: if Strava suddenly thinks you’ve changed gender, check your Apple Health settings.

A couple of days ago I got a few of my rides flagged on Strava. It was slightly mystifying as the roads were fairly ordinary rides with no GPS glitches or anything like that to give me virtual badges beyond what I’d earned.
Then I uploaded a ride yesterday and was surprised to take a bunch of top 10s! Wow I must be in unbelievably good February form!! And then I noticed I had picked up a QOM. Yes with a ‘Q’. Checking the settings I saw that Strava did indeed think I was female. My suspicions turned to the japers at work – they know I’m permanently logged into Strava and spend too much time route planning of post-morteming. 

Then today I got an email stating that my QOM on another segment had been “stolen”. Back to the settings, this time on the mobile and I see that every time I try to change to male, it automatically switches back a couple of seconds later to the fairer sex.

Lightbulb moment – a week or so ago I had connected Apple Health to Strava and never having set the former up properly it thought I was female and moreover took precedence over the correct setting in Strava. Fixed now.

But as of today at least, there is a stupid off-by-one bug across Strava and Apple Health so that if I set my Date of Birtu correctly in Health, then it appears as one day too early in Strava… Fortunately this will only effect one day every five years when I’m in the wrong age category a much less disruptive then the various QoMs I’d been advertently pinching – apologies.