London borough speed limits

Within each London borough some roads are maintained by the local borough council and others are maintained by TfL as part of Transport for London Route Network (TLRN) – typically these are the major/arterial roads. Limits are in flux at the moment with limits typically dropping from 30 to 20mph over the last 7 years or so. 20mph limit areas are more pleasant to cycle in my opinion (motor traffic doesn’t quite feel the same right to roar pass you if you are doing approximately the speed limit yourself). So I decided to track which boroughs are the cyclists friend.

(“all roads” means “all borough roads not necessarily TfL roads”)

Borough Policy Ref
Barking and Dagenham No policy (March 2015)
Barnet  No plan to bring in broad 20mph limit. Some roads 20mph for “historic” reasons. Some expansion near schools
Bexley  Some very limited 20mph in Bexleyheath centre. No plans for expansion May 2016.


Brent  Some 20mph areas “case-by-case basis”
Bromley  Note in the Bromley Times article Chairman refers to minutes of council meeting June 2015 for details of policy, but I can’t actually find the discussion in the minutes at

Found a pro-driving/anti-20mph group called Bromley Borough Roads Action Group who Were certainly strongly opposed in 2008 – seems to have folded into the ABD in 2009.



Camden 20mph limit all roads since December 2013
Croydon  Plan to gradually implement 20mph all “residential” roads. 5 zones. Zone 1 live. Zone 2 expected to go live April 2017.
Ealing  20mph limit in Acton area for year from September 2016 as a pilot
Enfield  Some roads here and there are 20mph, but “less than 10% of borough roads” (2014) (10% quote)

Several roads “hit with” 20mph limit (Enfield Independent)

 Hackney 20 mph all roads since July 2015
Hammersmith and Fulham Proposed all non-TFL roads. Actually decided to do 20mph on all side roads and 3 town centres, remaining main roads 30mph  LBHF Cabinet meeting 9 March 2016
Islington 20 mph limit all roads since January 2013. Enforcement since 2014.
Kensington and Chelsea Firmly pro motor vehicle:

All roads “30mph or lower” (i.e. 30mph) and do not support lowering to 20mph – “only consider schemes where high speeds are a constant problem and where the police agree to undertake regular enforcement”

Further “demand on road space […] makes it impossible to allocate road space to specific vehicles such as buses or cycles”.

Further “also not possible to provide shared use on most pavements […] or to provide cycle paths” – though note the current consultation on Sloane Street is to widen the total width of pavement from 8.5m to 10m whilst continuing to provide no provision at all for cyclists.

It also goes on to say there are no speed cameras on any borough road and that it seeks to remove existing traffic calming measures (speed humps). It has also “maximised the amount of parking spaces available”
Lambeth 20mph limit all roads since April 2016
Lewisham 20mph limit all roads since September 2016
Southwark 20mph limit all roads since March 2015
Tower Hamlets  20mph limit all but one road (Leamouth road near Canary Wharf); trial made permanent September 2016
Waltham Forest
Westminster  20mph trial agreed at council meeting September 2016. Limited to “areas near schools and other areas with history of speed-related accidents”.

But note section 4.3 in link: “It is clear that a blanket approach of 20 mph has not worked
City of London  20mph limit all roads since July 2014

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