Where is the ExplorerSquare leaderboard?

It is stored on VeloViewer, the awesome accompaniment to Strava. If you’re already on VeloViewer, go to your summary page and then click “Leaderboards” next to the Activity Stats heading. In the pop-up that comes up, choose “Explorer (max square)” from the dropdown and then choose Leaderboard from the tabs. Finally choose “All” instead of the current year to get the global all-time list. At the time of writing a complete square of size 24×24 was needed to gain entry into the Top 20, which is dominated by Flemings..

  1. Flemish Belgian
  2. Flemish Belgian
  3. English
  4. American
  5. English
  6. English
  7. Flemish Belgian
  8. German?
  9. Flemish Belgian
  10. Flemish Belgian
  11. Flemish Belgian
  12. Flemish Belgian
  13. ?
  14. Scottish
  15. ?
  16. Flemish Belgian
  17. Flemish Belgian
  18. Dutch
  19. German
  20. French

Looks like the Europeans would have a Ryder Cup of square-filling in control….


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